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84 x 84 Inch Hot Tub Cover (7 x 7 feet)

84 x 84 Inch Hot Tub Cover (7 x 7 feet)

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The 7×7 Master Spas? hot tub replacement cover (84? x 84?) is a Master Spa Factory OEM replacment (SKU: X454777). It is specifically designed to fit your Master Spas? hot tub. This cover is extremely energy efficient, as it’s made of a 1.5-pound foam density, six-inch thick foam insulation (which tapers to 4-inches along the sides), and a full length heat seal. It has been upgraded to include two rubber grip handles and is made of a high quality marine-grade vinyl covering that is mildew treated and unfazed by UV rays.

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The 7x7 (84"x84") Master Spa Factory OEM hot tub replacement cover is made of a six-inch foam insulation that tapers down to four inches along the sides, and has a 1.5lb foam density - making it extremely energy efficient and helps prevent loads of heat loss! Additionally, it is made of a high-end, 30 oz. marine-grade vinyl. This vinyl covering makes sure the cover is unaffected by any sort of UV Rays or mildew.

Additional replacement cover highlights include:
? EPS Foam Cores With Taper - The insulation provided within this cover is all vapor sealed - which helps to prevent any sort of moisture from coming into your spa cover. All condensation is prevented - allowing this cover to last for years to come.

? Full Length Heat Seal - The full length heat seal help sto securely keep in a lot of your hot tub heat - as it prevents the heat from escaping.

? Three Panel Skirt Design - The cover skirt that is located around the edge of your hot tub cover also keeps in the heat. Additionally it prevents dirt and other outside elements from getting into you hot tub.

? Two rubber grip handles (upgraded) - These built in rubber grip handles help you to easily lift up your hot tub cover... without ripping!

? Four Release/Lock Hardware Connections - With the release/lock hardware connectors, you have built-in locking straps to keep your cover safe and secure.

? Double Stitched- This double stitching adds 27 points of strength add structural reinforcements at all the stress points on your cover - providing years of use.

? Bottom Vinyl - The vinyl located on the bottom of the hot tub cover is mildew treated, as well as being reinforced (11 oz. reinforced weft).

? Compliance to ASTM Standards for Safety Covers

? 18 Color Options - This replacement cover is available in 18 beautiful colors, all of which are shown in swatches above in photo array.


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