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AquaMagic Cartridge Cleaning Kit (2 piece)

AquaMagic Cartridge Cleaning Kit (2 piece)


AquaMagic Cartridge Cleaning Kit
Filter Flosser Wand + AquaMagic Instant Filter Cleaner Solution Combo Pack


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AquaMagic Cartridge Cleaning Kit
Hot Tub Filter Flosser keeps hot tub water cleaner by assuring your cartridge filter's pores are unclogged. Hot Tub Filter Flosser works far better than just spraying the filter with a garden hose as this new hot tub cleaning tool allows for better penetration inside the cartridge filter's pleats. A cleaner hot tub filter means pure, crystal clear water and less flow related hot tub issues.

AquaMagic kit includes both the Filter Flosser tool AND a 625 ml bottle of cartridge cleaner that eliminates the need for an overnight filter bath. Simply spray on and wash off with the filter flosser which connects to any garden hose. No more fussing with filter baths, just filter floss your hot tub cartridge filter and reinsert into the spa. Cleans in just 5 minutes!