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Charcoal, Flat Pillow

Charcoal, Flat Pillow

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The Charcoal Flat Pillow is a well-made pillow that fits securely into many hot tub brands.


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Charcoal Flat Pillow
The Charcoal Flat Pillow fits certain hot tub brands, including Clarity Spas, Contractor Series Spas, Down East Spas, H2X Swim Spas, Legacy Whirlpool Spas, Michael Phelps Swim Spas, and Twilight Series Spas. The rectangular, flat shape of this hot tub pillow fits easily onto the side of your hot tub so you can relax. The hot tub pillow has a charcoal color and a rectangular shape, securing to the side of the hot tub with two pins. This pillow is flat, allowing it to support shoulders or backs while you relax in your hot tub.

Length: 9 1/2 inches
Width: 4 3/8 inches
Depth: 1 1/8 inches (2.54 cm)
Pin Width: 6 1/4 inches