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Charcoal, Legend Neck Pillow

Charcoal, Legend Neck Pillow

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The Charcoal Legend Neck Pillow replaces the original neck pillow on Legend Series hot tubs from recent years.


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Charcoal, Legend Neck Pillow (2010-present)
The Charcoal Legend Neck Pillow is a charcoal grey, curved pillow that attaches to the side of the hot tub with a single pin in the center. It has two raised cushions on either side to fit nicely on either side of the neck while you relax in your Master Spa Legend Series hot tub. If your original Legend neck pillow needs to be replaced, this charcoal, Legend neck pillow is a durable, comfortable match for the one that came with your spa.

Length: 10 1/8 inches
Width: 3 1/4 inches
Height: 2 3/8 inches