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Filter Set For Getaway

Filter Set For Getaway

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The Charge Filter Set ? or, as well like to say, “Go away, algae and bacteria!” kit ? features one EcoPur? Charge filter (SKU: X268532) for neutralizing bacteria and biofilm, as well as the Outer Filter (SKU: X268550), a high-performance mineral filter from Pleatco?.

Remember: a healthier, happier spa starts with the right filters ? pick up your EcoPur? Charge and Pleatco? mineral filter kit today!


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The Charge Filter Set (SKU: 268910) includes the EcoPur? Charge filter and outer filter. With its copper and zinc core, the EcoPur? Charge filter performs triple-duty; it neutralizes many microorganisms, eliminates heavy metals such as lead and mercury, and also helps reduce scale build-up, algae, and bacteria that are harmful to you and your spa.

Finishing out the exterior of this filter assembly is one of the best mineral filters ever put out on the market, the Outer Filter.