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Extenda Leaf Skimmer

Extenda Leaf Skimmer

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Extenda Leaf Skimmer for Hot Tubs and Spas has durable, lightweight construction, you can even operate it with one hand. This is simply the only spa leaf skimmer you’ll ever need!


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Extenda Leaf Skimmer for Hot Tubs and Spas features a collapsible, telescoping pole that extends to nearly four feet. The pole features a set of internal locking cams to keep the pole from unexpectedly collapsing while in use. The Extenda Spa-Skim is so durable and so lightweight it can even be used with just one hand.

The Extenda Spa-Skim is specifically designed to hit all the contours of your spa or hot tub to remove leaves and other debris. It has snap-fit handle, making it ready to use in seconds!

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