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Extenda Leaf Skimmer for Hot Tubs and Spas

Extenda Leaf Skimmer for Hot Tubs and Spas

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Are you tired of bending over the edge of your spa or hot tub in order to skim leaves? With a nearly four-foot extended reach, the Extenda Spa-Skim (SKU: X953972) from SpaBoss sets out to eliminate this common hassle. With its durable, lightweight construction, you can even operate the Extenda Spa-Skim with one hand. This is simply the only spa leaf skimmer you?ll ever need!


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The Extenda Spa-Skim by SpaBoss features a collapsible, telescoping pole that extends to nearly four feet. The pole features a set of internal locking cams to keep the pole from unexpectedly collapsing while in use. The Extenda Spa-Skim is so durable and so lightweight it can even be used with just one hand.

The Extenda Spa-Skim is specifically designed to hit all the contours of your spa or hot tub to remove leaves and other debris. With its snap-fit handle, your Extenda Spa-Skim from SpaBoss is ready to use in seconds! Needless to say, the Extenda Spa-Skim is a personal favorite of the staff at Master Spa Parts!

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