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Laing Circ Pump, 240V Starting 2009

Laing Circ Pump, 240V Starting 2009

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The newly redesigned Laing Circulation Pump is directly interchangeable with the previous with the exception of a bonding lug that has been added to the top of the motor body. When replacing one of the original style pumps with the new style it will be necessary to run a copper wire from the pump bonding lug to the grounding bar on the spa control pack.

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The Laing circulation pump has been redesigned by the manufacture to increase the reliability. All orders for part number X320565 will be filled with this redesigned circulation pump.

Features :

1 1/2" MPT Thread Suction Connection Size
1 1/2" MPT Thread Discharge Connection Size
115 Watts, 48 Amps, 50/60hz
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