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Master Spas® Legend Series Air Control *Replacement

Master Spas® Legend Series Air Control *Replacement

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Master Spas® Legend Series Air Control Replacement

If you are no longer getting the correct air and water mix in one of your spa jets, or you’ve noticed it starting to whistle or become completely obstructed, it may be time to get a replacement. This 1” Air Control Crystal replacement part is designed for select spa and hot tub models of the 2015 Master Spas® Legend Series.


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Air controls are designed to regulate the amount of airflow allowed through the jets of your spa or hot tub. In fact, it’s this same jetting action that creates such penetratingly soothing that allows you to enjoy your spa or hot tub to the fullest.

In the 2015 Legend Series, Master Spas switched over to the 1” Air Control Crystal (SKU: X232602) for its air control assembly. If your air controls are no longer providing you with the same enjoyment, it may be time to order some replacements. This quality air control is compatible with the 2015 Legend Series, including:

MP LSX 900
MP LSX 800
MP LSX 700