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Momentum 80 Circuit Board Replacement

Momentum 80 Circuit Board Replacement

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If all of the sudden, you find your spa’s jet pumps, filters, jets, or water temperature stability begin to fail all at once, there’s a good chance it may be due to the circuit board.

When you check out our online store, you’ll find the Master Spas? 501X daughter pc board from Master Spas? and many other economical spa circuit boards. You can expect fast and free shipping options when you purchase this Momentum 80 circuit board replacement from the Master Spa Parts online store.


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Product Description
Heat, humidity, and chemical exposure can cause a hot tub's circuit board to eventually fail. If you have been searching for the Master Spas? 501X daughter pc board (SKU: X801108), Master Spa Parts has just the part you need to get your hot tub up and running.

Every replacement circuit board that rolls out of Master Spa Parts' warehouse is an original OEM part. As if the Momentum 80 circuit board replacement weren't cost-effective enough, Master Spa Parts sweetens the pot by offering it with free shipping to the continental United States. Nice, right?

By ordering this replacement circuit board, you will restore the functionality (and fun) of your spa or hot tub!

Master Spas began using this 501x printed circuit board in 2015.

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When you purchase a replacement part from Master Spa Parts, you can expect that it will live up to our reputation of unsurpassable value and reliability.