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MP & H2X Trainer Swim Spa Charge Outer Filter

MP & H2X Trainer Swim Spa Charge Outer Filter

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Did you know that the amount of microbes on filtration surfaces can double every 20 minutes? The warm water and organic materials are the perfect breeding grounds for germs. But, with the Pleatco H2X? Trainer & Michael Phelps filter PMA-R4, germs and microbes don?t even have a chance. Pick up your Swim Spa ECO PUR CHARGE System Filter from the Master Spa Parts online store, today!


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Who doesn?t love a good workout in their H2X? Trainer Series or Michael Phelps swim spa, right? But, all that sweat, oil, and other organic matter end up on the filter, which can become a breeding ground for microbes and other nasty stuff. Our filters from Pleatco use a specialty coating that greatly inhibits the growth of microbes and other unwanted contaminants. Master Spa Parts? Swim Spa ECO PUR CHARGE System Filters is compatible with the following makes and models:

Product Dimensions:
Diameter: 6 inches
Bottom Hole: 1 5/8 inches (SAE Threaded Bottom)
Length with Threads: 9 inches
Weight: 1.80 lbs
This filter replaces X268536