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Octagon Hot Tub Cover

Octagon Hot Tub Cover

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Shipping of Covers and Pumps are heavy items and will incur additional costs at the purchasers expense. Please contact us before making your purchase. Shipping cost is separate.


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Hot Tub Covers Free Shipping in Canada!

Our Hot Tub Covers are all 100% Canadian made and built to withstand our Canadian climate. Covers that measures over 96" across is considered an oversize cover where additional charges may apply. We ship to most Canadian address for free. Please review our cover shipping policy.

Each cover is custom made to order. Please note that our covers generally ship within 4-6 weeks from time of order.

We offer 4 types of qaulity made covers to choose from:

3-2" Tapered
1.5 lbs Foam
Insulation Value: R10

4-3" Tapered
1.5 lbs Foam
Insulation Value: R14

5-4" Tapered
1.5 lbs Foam
Insulation Value: R18

5-4" Tapered
2 lbs Foam
Insulation Value: R21