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Replace a Circuit Board for MS5000 by Master Spas?

Replace a Circuit Board for MS5000 by Master Spas?

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If a spa repair technician has said you have a broken circuit board, you may wonder what it means. Well, a circuit board controls the most basic functions of your spa, including the jet pumps, heating regulation system, as well as lighting and automatic shut-off safety switches.

As a company geared towards delivering the best in prices, products, and services, Master Spa Parts is proud to offer the MS5000 PC Board (V/N 54492; starting S/N and many other Master Spas? parts in our store.

If you’re in the Lower 48, this Circuit board for MS5000 will qualify for free shipping ? order yours today!


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Even the best-designed circuit boards can fail as a result of electrical surges, temperature variances, as well as the humid environment of spa or hot tub. Master Spa Parts' MS5000 PC Board (V/N 54492; starting S/N (SKU: X801095) ships out fast and is nicely priced, helping you to get your hot tub back up and running without putting too much of a dent in your wallet.

With Master Spa Parts, you'll never have to settle for an inferior product; all of the circuit boards sold in our online store are OEM parts. To make this offer even better, MSP is also offering free shipping to the Continental United States. For your health, relaxation, and entertainment goals, order this circuit board replacement, today!

You can make sure our MS5000 PC Board (V/N 54492; starting S/N will work with your spa by reaching out to one of our product specialists. Simply contact us today.