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Replacement Adhesive Decal for Down East Spas

Replacement Adhesive Decal for Down East Spas

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Have you worn out your Down East 2 Pump Overlay? Master Spa Parts offers an OEM replacement adhesive decal for Down East Spas. This is the same decal that originally came with your Down East Spas hot tub!


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Why settle for a cheap imitation sticker that will simply not live up to the reputation of your Down East Spas model? Order a six-button adhesive decal for Down East Spas? two-pump models directly from Master Spa Parts! These authentic, high-quality decals are designed for the hot, humid climate of your spa or hot tub. Most importantly, by going with an authentic decal overlay, you can be assured of complete control of your unit when you need it!

The Down East 2 Pump Overlay is compatible with the following models of Down East Spas (2005-2009):

Westbrook 3
Providence 2
Cape Cod 2
Windsor 2
Exeter 2
Portsmouth 2
East Hampton 2
Exeter 3
Cape Cod 3
Windsor 3
Portsmouth 3
Windsor 3 STS
If you?re not certain the Down East 2 Pump Overlay (SKU: X509010) is the right decal for your particular model, simply contact Master Spa Parts at any time and we will help you find the correct decal.

Control Panel Replacements
To replace the entire control panel in your Down East Spas model, check out our MAS400 Control Panel (V/N 52186). This part is also compatible with many models of the Michael Phelps Legend Series.