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Smartop Upright Swim Spa Cover

Smartop Upright Swim Spa Cover


The Smartop Upright Swim Spa Cover (XTST112) is the new standard when it comes to spa covers! Its durable and long-lasting hydraulic lift is a one-of-a-kind design that can be customized to fit most Swim Spas. The cover also creates privacy and a windscreen on your deck!

Shipping of Covers and Pumps are heavy items and will incur additional costs at the purchasers expense. Please contact us before making your purchase. Shipping cost is separate.


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The Smartop Upright cover design is extremely durable as it?s made from a polymer deck surface. This cover is odor-free due to the interlocking panels that block water, therefore creating zero water absorption. Its main features also include the hydraulic cover lifter, EAS lift ,and assist stem. This allows for the cover to seamlessly and easily come on and off of the swim spa!

Not only is this swim spa cover hassle-free, it only requires 6 inches of clearance behind the spa, as opposed to the Smartop Vanish that requires up to 25. It?s unique design allows for the cover to create privacy on your deck, as well as a wind screen if need be!

Additionally, the deco overlay series is available in 6-cabinet matching colors and are designed to match almost all swim spas!