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Smartop Vanish Swim Spa Cover

Smartop Vanish Swim Spa Cover


When it comes to setting standards for swim spa covers, the Smartop Vanish Swim Spa Cover (XTST113) sets the bar high. The hydraulic lifter on each Smartop cover allows for an easy open, as you are able to do it with one hand and stabilize it in an upright and locked position. These covers come in 6 colors, are designed to fit most Swim Spas, and are durable and long lasting.

Shipping of Covers and Pumps are heavy items and will incur additional costs at the purchasers expense. Please contact us before making your purchase. Shipping cost is separate.


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As mentioned above, the Smartop Vanish Swim Spa Cover can be customized to fit most Swim Spas. It has many great features, the main one being an integrated hydraulic cover lifter, EAS lift, and assist system. When you combine that with an exclusive heat retention system and zero water absorption, you have a cover that will be effective and last for years to come.

Smartop ensures strong swim spa covers, as DecoShield, a textured overlay, is now a standard on all Smartop covers. DecoShield provides extra protection against the harshest weather elements.

This Smartop Vanish cover requires 25 inches of clearance behind the spa (unlike the Upright which requires 6), yet still comes with an optional DeckMount Kit. This kit allows the Smartop Vanish to be installed on swim spas that are on the ground or on a deck.

The main difference between the Smartop Vanish cover and Smartop Upright cover (XTST112) are that how brackets are attached to each cover and how they look when they are opened. (Please see photo for example).