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SpaBoss Defoamer (500ml)

SpaBoss Defoamer (500ml)

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Get rid of excess foam in your hot tub quickly and prevent foam from ruining your enjoyment and relaxation! SpaBoss Defoamer is safe to use even if you’re in the hot tub at the same time.


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SpaBoss Defoamer makes it a snap to get rid of messy foam in your hot tub. While we like bubbles in our water, foam is no fun. Restore clear water to your spa by adding just a few drops from this concentrated liquid formula. It's safe enough to use anytime!

When soaps, residues, and foreign substances get into your hot tub water they can often cause excess foam on the surface of the water. When the defoamer is added to the foam on the hot tub, it dissolves into the water leaving it crystal clear.