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Restore Cover Cleaner & Protectant (22oz)

Restore Cover Cleaner & Protectant (22oz)

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Restore quickly and easily cuts through grime to clean and protect your vinyl hot tub cover. Protect your cover from damage caused by UV rays, dirt, and the elements with easy application a few times a year.


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Your hot tub cover works hard day in and day out to keep the water in the spa clean, hot, and ready at a moment's notice; doesn't the cover deserve the same tender loving care as the water inside the hot tub? It doesn't have to be a chore; just use Restore a few times a year to keep the cover just as shiny as the water inside.

Restore includes a UV inhibitor which prevents UV rays from the sun from dulling or damaging the material, and its formula cuts through grease and grime fast to restore like-new shine and vibrance to your hot tub cover.