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Swim Spa Circulation Pump, .62 amps, 240 V

Swim Spa Circulation Pump, .62 amps, 240 V

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In 2015, Master Spas? began using a new model of circulation pump, the new circulation pump .62 amp 50/60H (SKU: X320534) unit is ideal for H2X Swim Spas and Michael Phelps Swim Spas. Since this is a newer model, it can be difficult to find the right replacement circulation pump. But, with Master Spa Parts, the part you need is always in stock and ready to ship!

Shipping of Covers and Pumps are heavy items and will incur additional costs at the purchasers expense. Please contact us before making your purchase. Shipping cost is separate.


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Product Specifications : Circulation Pump .62 amp 50/60H

Volts: 240 Volts
Hertz: 50/60 Hertz
Amperage: 0.62 Amps
Horsepower: 1/15 HP
Speed: Single-Speed Operation
Do I Need a Replacement Circulation Pump?

Many times when a circulation pump failure is suspected, it turns out to be a completely different problem, such as a broken pipe or leak. If it seems your circulation pump has stopped working after you?ve refilled the hot tub, the problem may be that your pump?s housing has become ?air locked? and needs to be primed before it can resume normal function.

If you?ve checked the unit for leaks, broken pipes and don?t suspect an air lock in the pump housing is at fault, then a circulation pump .62 amp 50/60H replacement unit (SKU: X320534) may be the best option. Master Spa Parts offers same-day shipping for orders received before 3 p.m!