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Swim Spa Starter Kit (13 piece)

Swim Spa Starter Kit (13 piece)

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Swim Spa Starter Kit has all the basics to start off or start fresh with everything you need!

Includes condensed chemical guidelines guide to cover basics & chemical glossary.


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Hot Tub Starter Kit:
-pH Booster (750g)
-pH Reducer (1kg)
-Alka-rise (750g)
-4 Way Test Strips (50 count)
-Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner (473ml)
-Defoamer (500ml)
-Spa Clear (500ml)
-No Phos (500ml)
-Prevent II (1L)
-Chlor-Aid (720g)
-Spa Tabs (800g)
-Spa Shock (1kg)
-Deluxe Floater