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Twilight Flex Pillow

Twilight Flex Pillow

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The Twilight Flex Pillow replaces the 2015 Twilight Series Spa pillow by Master Spas.


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Twilight Flex Pillow
The Twilight Flex Pillow is an oval-shaped, grey colored hot tub pillow that secures to the sides of the hot tub with two pins. The raised center of the pillow is a nice spot to lay your head in your Twilight Series Spa by Master Spa. The charcoal colored material is durable and comfortable, able to last a long time even though in constant contact with the necessary hot tub chemicals. If your Twilight Series Spa flex pillow is ready for a replacement, the Twilight Flex Pillow from Master Spa is the perfect choice so you can get back to soaking in your hot tub.

Length: 9 1/4 inches
Width: 4 1/4 inches
Depth: 1 1/2 inches
Pin Width: 5 7/8 inches