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Balboa WiFi Module – Mobile App Hot Tub / Spa Control

Balboa WiFi Module – Mobile App Hot Tub / Spa Control

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You can do just about everything with your smartphone or tablet these days ? even control your outdoor Master Spas spa. The Wi-Fi Module from Balboa Water Group is perfect for those chilly nights when you’d rather run outside and leap right into a spa that’s all ready for you now you can with this spa Wi-Fi control!

Wi-Fi Module is compatible with both iOs (Apple) and Android devices.


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The best technologies are those that make our lives more comfortable and happy. This is especially true with this spa Wi-Fi control! The Wi-Fi Module (SKU: X619372) is compatible with several 2014 Master Spas leisure spas and all Master Spas models manufactured in 2015. Wi-Fi Module plugs directly into your spa?s control pack and is controlled by Wi-Fi through your smartphone or tablet.

If you're tired of running out to simply power up or shut down your spa, this is most definitely the app-based spa Wi-Fi control for you!