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Oval, Warped, Charcoal Hot Tub Pillow

Oval, Warped, Charcoal Hot Tub Pillow

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The MP Legend Charcoal Pillow works with the Legend Series Master Spas. It can be installed easily to add comfort to your hot tub experience.


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Oval, Warped, Charcoal Pillow
The Michael Phelps Legend Series spas feature powerful jets, air controls and jets back lit for visibility. The stainless steel accents bring a sleek elegance to the design of the MP Legend Series spas, and the pillows that add comfort to the experience are no different. This charcoal pillow is ergonomically designed in a triangular shape to fit your neck and head to help you relax. Durable material and easily installation of the hot tub pillow make it a sensible choice for customization of your spa.

Length: 9 inches
Width: 6 inches
Depth: 1 1/8 inches
Pin Width: 5 3/4 inches